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I am Lei Huang (Chinese name 黄磊), a digital nomad currently trapped in Shanghai. I'm a full-stack developer with a focus on React Native and decentralized web. .


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Currently reading

Why Buddhism is True

Why Buddhism is True cover image

Why Buddhism is True advocates a secular, modern form of Buddhism focusing on the practice of mindfulness meditation and stripped of supernatural beliefs such as reincarnation. It further argues that more widespread practice of meditation could lead to a more reflective and empathetic population and reduce political tribalism. In line with his background, the author draws heavily on evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology to defend Buddhism's diagnosis of the causes of human suffering. He argues the modern psychological idea of the modularity of mind resonates with the Buddhist teaching of no-self (anatman).

The Dawn of Everything

The Dawn of Everything cover image

Drawing attention to the diversity of early human societies, The Dawn of Everything critiques traditional narratives of history's linear development from primitivism to civilization. Instead, the book posits that humans lived in large, complex, but decentralized polities for millennia. It relies on archaeological evidence to show that early societies were diverse and developed numerous political structures.

Thinking Sociologically

Thinking Sociologically cover image

In this book, Zygmunt Bauman and Tim May explore the underlying assumptions and tacit expectations which structure our view of the world. The authors elucidate key concepts in sociology: for example, individualism versus community, and privilege versus deprivation. While charting a course through sociology's main concerns, Bauman and May also examine the applicability of sociology to everyday life.

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